Why ‘NOW’ is the Time to Automate Customer Requests using Azure AI

Financial Organizations MUST streamline the current Customer Interactions

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Problem Statement

Large Organizations face challenges around quick response to customers

Value & Potential Business is lost (More than 60% of Customer queries with Emails / Voice Mails go unnoticed)

Solution : Azure AI

Artificial Intelligence has evolved in recent times to support such a process where most of the Customer Interactions can now be automated using Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Workflow Capabilities

Azure Logic APPS

Azure logic app provide NO CODE Workflow Capability in Azure where all the Azure infrastructure and AI solutions can be brought together

With the help of Azure Logic Apps any organization can easily receive all the emails from their Outlook / any other email exchange server and perform logical actions on the emails

Next Step after receiving the emails is to Classify those emails using BERT Classification Model

Email Classification & Entity Extraction

The is the basic building block of most current state-of-the-art architectures of NLP. Its primary advantage is its multi-head attention mechanisms which allow for an increase in performance and significantly more parallelization than previous competing models such as recurrent neural networks. We can use pre-trained , one of the most popular transformer models, and fine-tune it on our Emails

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Once the emails are classified into separate categories BERT can extract useful information out of the emails such as Customer Name , ID Number , Cell phone.

These entities can be used by any organization to authenticate the customer based on their incoming EMAIL Address and can process Non-Value based requests easily (For Customer Authentication around Value Added Services reach out to me on prakhar.terebin@gmail.com)

Customer Requests such as Policy Documents , Tax Certificate etc can be easily automated and sent back to Customers using Email Exchange Server and Azure Logic Apps

Create a Customer Case

A big challenge any enterprise face is to create & resolve cases for customer requests in a fast and efficient way

Introducing Azure Custom Vision & Forms Recognizer

Once the Customer emails are received the context around the emails can be understood using Azure Cognitive Services and information about Customer can be extracted from their existing documents such as Policy Documents , ID Documents etc

Azure Custom Vision & Azure Forms Recognizer together provide highly efficient and Accurate results in extracting Key Customer Information from the Documents using State of the art OCR Techniques

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All the documents can be categorised and meaningful information can be easily extracted out using Azure Cognitive Services. The whole process can be easily integrated with Azure Logic Apps

After collecting the entire information about the Customer and request a case can easily be created on the system containing all the information at one place. This process creates a much faster and efficient process for processing Customer Requests and business can capture as much value as possible from these requests without losing the sight of requests.


NOW is the time to use similar processes to streamline customer interactions and create a much faster response time to Customer Requests.

Having worked with a lot of enterprises and automating their existing processes , i can conclude that the ROI of a faster response time for customers is much more than the investment



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